The Good News!

Why do we need To “Recover The Good News?”

Before I go into any details of considering this alternative interpretation of the opening chapters of Romans, however, I want to first try to articulate why I think one should actually be compelled to consider an alternative reading of Romans…More: Why do we need to “Recover The Good News”


How to Read Romans (Part 1): The Traditional View

When reading New Testament epistles, it is always good to remember that the New Testament letters were written to a specific group of people for a specific purpose. This means that although we recognize that these letters were written…More: How to Read Romans (Part 1): The Traditional View


How To Read Romans (Part 2): Greco-Roman Diatribe

If you are familiar with the book of Acts and with Paul’s letters, you will be aware that he was given a specific calling to take the gospel to the Gentiles.  This doesn’t mean he ministered exclusively to Gentiles…More: How to Read Romans (Part 2): Greco-Roman Diatribe