An Invitation To Know God


An Invitation To Know God

Leviticus is a daunting book to most 21st century Westerners, and it’s easy to see why. It talks about thinks like animal sacrifices, purification rituals to be performed after semen emission, menstrual cycles or open sores that develop on you body, and many other strange rituals…More: An Invitation To Know God


The Centrality of Leviticus

Leviticus is right in the middle (3rd out of 5 books) of a section of scripture called, in the original Hebrew language, the Torah, or in English we usually say the Law (although it could also be translated teaching or instruction). It’s a book that get’s overlooked because it is so foreign to most of us, but if we follow the overall story line of the Torah we will see that it’s no coincidence that Leviticus is in the middle, as it is the climax of the story…More: The Centrality Of Leviticus


The Temple: Reuniting Heaven and Earth

Much of what Leviticus deals with, has to do with things that take place in the tabernacle (which would later become the temple in Jerusalem once Israel made it into the promised land). So in the third and final part of the introduction, i will discuss the temple, so that we have good framework for understanding what is going on in Leviticus ….More: Temple: Reuiniting Heaven and Earth


Sacrifice: The Way To Draw Near To God

The book of Leviticus generally terrifies Western readers right from the beginning.
The first 10 chapters go into excruciating detail on various types of animal sacrifices, concluding with a story of two priest getting killed by God for not offering the sacrifices correctly. You’re not alone if you’ve started the book of Leviticus and stopped either out of confusion or repulsion…More: Sacrifice: The Way To Draw Near To God